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"The successful cooperation of the Department of Pharmacology and Toxicology, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine with the company Elunit last for many years. Elunit has produced most of the devices used in the laboratory department of pharmacological and physiological studies on preparations of mammalian or parasitic nematodes and trematodes. Some of advantages that Elunit provides are: being able to quickly modify the system components depending on the specifics of the experiment, as well as fast and efficient maintenance."
       Prof.Dr. Saša Trailović

       Faculty of Veterinary       Medicine, Belgrade


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Thermostated tissue bath systems

Tissue bath systems are classical organ bath products for "in vitro" investigations of tissue strips or rings. Thermostated bath systems (volume 20L) with two tissue bath, enables the achievement of stable and uniform temperature of 25-45 oC. The required temperature is achieved by two-step system of water heating in the bathroom with two heater and microprocessor control of temperature. The same temperature in all parts of the water bath is achieved by continuous mixing of water by the engine and propeller with speed reduction. In thermostated water baths were placed two small tissue bath with a nutritional solution for isolated organs. Filling solution in the tissue bath as well as leaking, is regulated by electric valve system with software control. Opening and closing of valves is done by clicking the mouse on the operator panel of primary software used for recording of contractions.

Thermostated tissue bath systems

Thermostated tissue bath systems