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"The successful cooperation of the Department of Pharmacology and Toxicology, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine with the company Elunit last for many years. Elunit has produced most of the devices used in the laboratory department of pharmacological and physiological studies on preparations of mammalian or parasitic nematodes and trematodes. Some of advantages that Elunit provides are: being able to quickly modify the system components depending on the specifics of the experiment, as well as fast and efficient maintenance."
       Prof.Dr. Saša Trailović

       Faculty of Veterinary       Medicine, Belgrade


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Since the time when the company was founded Elunit has been manufacturing and developing measuring amplifiers and isometric transmitters. The obtained signals were recorded on analog printers. First computer-based product was created in 2004. At this time, many systems for data acquisition or just some parts of them are used by many research labs.
A variety of experiments in which are used our apparatus and published papers in prestigious national and international journals are proof of the reliability and quality of our devices.

  • Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Belgrade (Department of Pharmacology and Toxicology)
  • Faculty of Medicine, Belgrade (Department of Pharmacology)
  • Faculty of Medicine, Belgrade (Department of Physiology)
  • Faculty of Pharmacy, Belgrade
  • Faculty of Medicine, Foca (BiH)
  • Faculty of Biology, Belgrade
  • Faculty of Medicine, Kragujevac (Department of Physiology)
  • ICN Galenika, Belgrade (Biological Department)
  • INEP, Belgrade

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