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"The successful cooperation of the Department of Pharmacology and Toxicology, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine with the company Elunit last for many years. Elunit has produced most of the devices used in the laboratory department of pharmacological and physiological studies on preparations of mammalian or parasitic nematodes and trematodes. Some of advantages that Elunit provides are: being able to quickly modify the system components depending on the specifics of the experiment, as well as fast and efficient maintenance."
       Prof.Dr. Saša Trailović

       Faculty of Veterinary       Medicine, Belgrade


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Isometric transducer

Isometric transducers are designed for precise measurement of force of isometric muscle contractions. Muscle contraction force conducted on the console is transformed into an appropriate electrical signal through the meters-stretch, that they are properly connected in to Witston bridge. This electrical signal is conducted on an electronic amplifier through which the pen-recorder or some other device, can record the size and shape of the resulting signal. We are able to make two models of isometric transducers commonly used, which cover a range of up to 50 g. Model 010 is used in a range of 0-10 g, and the model 050 is used in the range of 0-50 g. According customer order we can made model 001 for up to 1 g of force.

Isometric transducers

Isometric transducers